Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm happier than getting jackpot!!

It's not that i've ever gotten a jackpot
haram kan
I just want to say that today, i'm happier than ever and so relievvvvvvvved....

Why eh?

It's Saturday and my team and i were having our monthly disaster recovery drill
it's a planned downtime for all servers, to ensure the system is healthy and ready to go on action at any time

However, my servers have some issues and i've been working on it for 2 weeks
The last drill we had is a half disaster for me as it nearly fails

So today i was freaking scared.
Scared like hell.
Scared that it will failed totally.

I managed to do some improvements yesterday on the server so it seems that my hard work is paid off
Syukur kepada Allah swt
Kepada siapa lagi hamba memohon pertolongan kalau tidak kepadaMU Ya Allah

Today's drill is a successful one
If it ever failed, i may need to spend 6 hours bringing it back online. Gosh.

I'm so happy.
Freaking happy.
Happier than getting the jackpot
Happier than getting my 2nd coach handbag

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