Tuesday, March 22, 2011

++ My Husband ++

Yeah...I'm married
I wonder why people always mistaken me for a 17 year old +_+

okay, today i want to talk about my husband
- sounds like primary school children giving talks on stage about their cats, makeups pulak

but, really i want to talk about my husband
Don't worry
This entry does not contains HUSH HUSH stuff :)

This is Him
Also 17 +_+

He's not a perfect 10 husband
But Syukur kepada Allah he's good enough for me
He's not someone who can cooks you delicious dinner but, he won't let you cook alone either
He helps with lots of things...like wash dishes, mop the floor once in 3 months hehe..
(Honey, don't forget my Miss Henry hehe...I'm not giving praise for nothing)

He always makes me laugh
With jokes like this..hehe

He calls this:
Haba laba Hobo laba Haba Loba

He calls this nasty looking fella > OMEGATREND

And many other things that makes our days a colourful rainbow

I dedicate this song to you...:)

And somehow, even if you don't make jokes honey,
I will still laugh
At the sight of this


Maaf Zahir dan Batin
Selamat Hari Raye ye sayang...hehehhehe

senda gurau tu menyerikan rumahtangga...^_^

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