Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what am i missing...

More than a month has passed since New Year
I'm still busier as ever

eh macam puisi pulak eh

But that's so effing true

I'm still asking myself whether i've made the right choice
Did I leave the tiger's mouth only to fall in to the crocodile's mouth?
Or did i feel all the 'new job' challenges? Since you're new, everything's new, so you have to start all over again, learn new things...take so much of your time

I remember someone told me before
when we have problems or when we have reach the end of our will, think of all the good things Allah has give us
Think of all the unfortunate people. We'll realize we are far much better than them.

I think i will use that someone advice right now..
cause i'm feeling i'm loosing every inch of my will every day..

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