Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why on earth is firefox cannot display this blog

i love firefox
It has nice theme, background and stuff like that
And most importantly, it's very fast
faster than the slow-like-tortoise-IE

But now i'm very pissed of
i cannot view this blog from Firefox
It will prompt an error "under construction"
Perhaps i need to reinstall my firefox. Again.

Trying to get Safari in my XP but it just won't go
I read somewhere that Microsoft forbids us to install Safari in windows based machine until they come out with patches
Maybe Safari is better than Firefox?

Anybody using firefox?
I'm not saying it's not good
It's very good and has serve my surfing needs very well indeed

Or perhaps i need to get a new laptop


This is what Malay says "marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar"

"firefox takleh bukak blog, beli laptop baru"

ngeh ngeh

MacBook Pro. Here i come.

Ariba! Ariba!

2 owesome!!:

♥Hernee Nazir♥ said...

mas..akk leh jek bukak mas punye blog gune fire fox..

Zaza said...

tulah kak...saye kata nk kena reinstall firefox saye ni...:)

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