Monday, October 25, 2010

the last paycheck....

The only constant thing in life is change

i've a hard time posting my entry tonight
the last 30 minutes, i'd just stare at the laptop screen on the first sentence that i wrote
perhaps, maybe...because very soon, i'm going to make a big change in my life
A change that i myself didn't think it'll be so soon

as i said
the only constant thing in life is change
so sooner or later,
i believe i'll be in this same scenario, highly hoping that i'm doing the right thing for my family and myself

i'm leaving the company with a heavy heart...tomorrow will be my last day in the office...
i've received my last paycheck...and maybe because i'm so overwhelmed with my moods, i feel sad as i withdraw the money
after this, i will not be able to withdraw any money from the company again.....

if you're wondering why i'm making such a big fuss of going out of the company
well, mostly because i grew with the company within my radar
when i'm in secondary school, they had just started with the construction work and i saw it every day
I saw the fishing village turned into an enterprise with modern thingy
as i live in a small village, the company is the biggest company ever built there, so i've been dreaming to work there since school
working with the company makes you the coolest person on the village ^_^
okay, maybe it's not that cool, but yes, the company is quite well known and the paycheck is quite nice too
so yes, if you are a man and you want to marry a girl in the village, the chances that you'll be approved as son-in-law to be is like, almost immediately

the company - the first and only company i've ever worked in for the past 5 years, have given me colorful experience
i've enjoyed working in this company very much
i enjoy every moments
and actually i kind of enjoy all the complaints coming from users about their emails, computers, missing files and everything else
because i got to move forward with every complaints i received
i got to learn new things
and the most i like is to be able to solve problems when others couldn't
who doesn't?????

there are things that make me unhappy. awful lots of things
even the enjoyment of doing things that i like could no longer suppress my unhappiness
i now learn that unhappiness is just part of life that you'll need to get used to
if you're unable to get used to it, maybe, you'll need to make some changes in life

to everyone from the company who happens to read this blog
i want to apologize for my wrong doings. i know that there are times when i sucks.
i hope that little time that you encounter with me will not portray the whole of myself
i happen to be sort of very nice and friendly you know ^_^
until the bad ass hooligan snatch my happiness away ;o

maybe our path will meet again
thank you for being my friend
wishing you all the best

and thank you to those who had to take over my tasks
don't worry - system admin is the easiest job in the world
you don't need to have ANY technical expertise
you just need to google it!!
(i happen to learn this theory from a-person-i-hope-i'll-never-need-to-mention-the-name-again)

so long!!

2 owesome!!:

katu said...

Mmmm....jeles sehhh.....biler agaknyer aku leh tulis ayat mcm ni!!!!......

ADeeB & Co. said...

well... just read this post even it has been posted since last year... yes.. ur previous company is my dream company too, and have worked there besides u.... but things change... then i have to move on.... hopefully we've made a right decision for ourself and for our family... insyaAllah...

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