Saturday, August 25, 2007

few more days to fasting month

i have long wanted to start another blog beside the one i created in Friendster. So here i am..:)

Didn't realize there's only few more days left to puasa. Luckily i have ganti all my puasa back last year during Syawal. you know, when we have just left the fasting month, it will be much more easier than having to ganti puasa now...the temptation now is much more harder..with my best buddy all around me eating non stop hehe...

what's there for hari raya...i'm not hoping much as i feel i have to work day shift. duh! let's see siapa yg kena cause i'm the one who prepares the schedule haha...we have 3 new technicians so they have to work la during raya. last year it was my turn so let's be fair this year..hehe

haven't got time for raya shopping! this month's salary dah abis paying all the bills and ptptn and etc..etc..then i hav eto spare some for airasia tickets. planning to go to KK with my officemate on november...Guess that's my last 'single' trip before i'm someone else's hehehhe.. it's quite not a good feeling..

what else?i'm in the office onmy day shift with all the rest of my teams going picnic to tg.balau. so unfair!!!well..this is sunday..what else to expect? nvrmind...when it's my time to go to KK, i'll be enjoying myself 100x then they are haha.. call..daaa!!

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