Thursday, August 30, 2007


i'm sad...and sleepy...(hehehehe..). It's 2:46 in the morning and i'm in the office, sitting on the sofa trying to find some specs on a wireless keyboard which a user has spill his coffee into.And this is the merdeka night!duh!

Me and shai felt this is a very long night. We yell merdeka at 12 and there's no fireworks seen.uwaaa.. It's quite sad actually. Sad to the fact that we are not at home and it's very quiet here. Felt like we have landed in some unknown land hahaha..

Wonder how does it feels if i have to work during raya nights. Must be sooooo sad. Shai on the night shift though. I'll be joining her on the 2nd hari raya. that's so not good..

i witnessed 2 car accidents today...quite scary you know..even though there's no blood whatsoever, it still makes me scared.i've bumped into a ranger once and that cost me 600 to replace my front hood. Luckily, nothing happens to the ranger or i have to pay for it too..gosh! that was 8 months ago and i still feel scared everytime i passed by the place where it happen..after that incident, i got shock and scream very easily....dunno why but seems like i've been more cepat terkejut ayooo...

q's going to bandung tomorrow...lucky her! i've long wanted to go for trips yeah release tension, getting new fresh air.., be far from the office and totally no connection to the office at all (because my house is 10minutes from the office, even holidays feels like in the office especially with lots of users calling - i hate speed dials!!!)...but then, everybody's been honey is so far and he's super busy...uuuuuuuwaaaaaaaa...

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