Friday, July 3, 2009

Anak ibu dah pandai meniarap

Since now i've become a mom, i think i wanna record every progress made by my precious and cute little one. All the while i've been worrying if she'll be developing slowly sebab i'm not really a good mother (hujung minggu dihabiskan dgn surfing www, doing house chores and update blog haha).

Anyway, bersyukur kehadrat Allah s.w.t kerana dengan izinnya my daughter is able to show her wonderful progress. Sekarang dah boleh meniarap. Takde mengiring2 dah tau2 dia dah meniarap terus. Kalau tak berjaya meniarap sbb tangan tertindih badan, dia akan marah2..ah comel!

haha..okay Zulaikha. Since ibu don't really have anything in particular that could help you with the meniarap skill, i do have a love note for you...What matters is inside your heart..kan? kan?

Love note for my darling daughter Nur Zulaikha Arifa

I suppose people will say "Alah pandai meniarap pn dah nk kecoh" and i don't care a damn about it. I enjoy and grateful on my daughter's progress.

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