Monday, July 27, 2009

happy day baby

out of nowhere tiba-tiba sahaja i feel happy. heh! I think woman is just like that. Tiba-tiba sahaja boleh happy and suddenly pun boleh
jadi sedih juga. Or is it just me? hehe

I'll feel happy just because i managed to download the song i like from the internet and email it to others using our office email
and changing the file extension to .doc just because our exchange server blocks .mp3 files. ehe...That's one tip hoe to bypass your
server configuration hehe..

I'll feel happy if someone send me a good morning email and wishes me good day at work.

I'll feel happy if no one is driving at 20km/h on the way to office and pretends that she/he didn't see that there are more than 5
cars queuing behind her/his car.

I'll be happy if someone gives me chocolate bars. Or chocolate cake. or whatever comes in chocolate hehe...

I'll be happy if my boss did not yell in the early morning and nagging bout people when he clearly can see that the people he's nagging
is not there!!

I'll be happy all day long if the people whom i care about, care about me too...and says he miss me huhu

I'll be happy if we really get the bonus paid before raya...hahaaa....This is extremely nuts!

Actually i can be happy...even though a lot of things had changed and i have to make myself change in order to cope with everything,
i wish that somebody can make me happy...i guess you did not know that when you ask me of my day and hears me nagging about the people
i don't like, nagging about how much works has been dump at me, you actually make me happy by lending your pair of ears and heart.

Happy all the time!!

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