Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Berdiam diri sepanjang Ramadhan

Agaknye sebab dah semakin TUA
so Ramadhan tahun ni pun dah tak berapa bermaya.
Or dah semakin PEMALAS

Aktiviti sepanjang ramadhan hanyalah menempek mata kepada 10 buah novel yang dah sampai
Bila novel dah sampai, barulah jumpa ada orang upload dekat 4shared PDF version untuk semua novel-novel tu
Tapi takpe

Selain dari menempek baca novel, takde aktiviti lain

teruk sungguh

Oh... True Blood reaching season finale...sob..sob...
2 hari lepas dah marathon the whole season 1 and 2
Then baca novel lagi
Pastu Wiki True Blood lagi

I'm totally an infatuated tween
Eric, i'll miss u!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's with me and fanged beauties

Remember when i said that i have a new obsession now?


It's a novel. Fiction

I prefer reading fictional novel compared to those novel on facts or reality

Perhaps i just want to walk away from human norms

And explores the depths of mysteries and supernatural and all the non-livings


As i said. It's fictional.

Don't take me as some weirdo okay! ^_^

Back to the novel, it's a pity that i only got hold of the 8th book of the whole series

Dead and Gone

If you are a fan of True Blood on HBO, you must have heard of the novel

It's a good one i must tell.

But don't ask me to compare with Twilight though

Each and every book has its own strength and weaknesses. Right?

But, reading this 8th novel has made me ordered another 8 more books from the series

So it must be damn good ^_^

You can read a synopsis of the novel here at WIKI

I don't know why but i have some sort of affection to vampire stories

It's not as if i was attracted to their fangs hehe

I guess because they are HOT

They are so deep with mystery and it makes them HOT


During school days, i watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The first ever vampire story i've ever seen

Then i started buying the books as well

Then, it's Twiligth which i also bought all 4 books and now its True Blood

I don't really watch True Blood on tv as it scares me

Maybe i like the least vampiric vampire. The kind one. ^_^

i don't want to see them with blood each episode.


Why on earth is firefox cannot display this blog

i love firefox
It has nice theme, background and stuff like that
And most importantly, it's very fast
faster than the slow-like-tortoise-IE

But now i'm very pissed of
i cannot view this blog from Firefox
It will prompt an error "under construction"
Perhaps i need to reinstall my firefox. Again.

Trying to get Safari in my XP but it just won't go
I read somewhere that Microsoft forbids us to install Safari in windows based machine until they come out with patches
Maybe Safari is better than Firefox?

Anybody using firefox?
I'm not saying it's not good
It's very good and has serve my surfing needs very well indeed

Or perhaps i need to get a new laptop


This is what Malay says "marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar"

"firefox takleh bukak blog, beli laptop baru"

ngeh ngeh

MacBook Pro. Here i come.

Ariba! Ariba!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa Semua

Selamat Berpuasa semua...
Semoga dapat menjalani ibadah puasa dengan baik, penuhi dengan amal dan kurangkan bercakap (especially calling IT helpdesk ;p)

Sebagaimana doa Malaikat Jibril mengenai bermaaf-maafan sebelum berpuasa, maka
saya juga nk bermaaf-maafan dengan anda semua

Mintak maaf kalau ada yang terkecil hati dengan penulisan saya
Dan kepada kawan-kawan harap terima saye seadanya dan maafkan dosa-dosa saya

Semoga puasa dan ibadah kita diterima oleh Allah s.w.t
Dan semoga emosi saye lebih stabil pada bulan ramadhan ini dan tak adalah nk marah atau masam muka sahaja di opis
Dan semoga orang-orang yang berniat buruk juga akan hilanglah niat buruk mereka itu...

Been very occupied lately. Thus, not much time left on the internet
I've new book that i LOVE
Have read it twice since i bought it last saturday
I'm reading book #9, am waiting for 8 more books from MPH which i ordered online

NISA, guess your obsession is haunting me as well now ^_^

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