Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coraline. A 3-D fantasy film that catches my heart

Maybe this is all a mother's hormone? haha
I noticed that ever since i become a mother, i'm a bit sensitive over some issues
Issues surrounding child, love, and all things evolve around that

Coraline is a 3-D movie i happen to watch last 2 days
A movie about 11 year old girl, Coraline Jones, who is given less attention by her parents whom currently working on a gardening catalog
Always being left alone, she explores the new house that they had just moved into and found a small door that have been wallpapered over
Her mother opens the door when Coraline promises that she would do her things and will not disturb her mother again, only to find that the door was covered in bricks
Later that night, a mouse come and bring her to the door, where she found out that the bricks were gone and there's a passageway to other door

This door gets her in 'the other world' where she met her 'other mother' and 'other father' that looks very much alike, only that their eyes is a black button

This 'other mother' is a perfect mother, none like he real mother. This 'other mother' cooked lots of delicious foods for her, answers all her questions and pays full attention towards her..

In the middle of the story, we'll know that the 'other mother' is actually a bad creature, trying to kidnapped Coraline from her parents
She had also kidnapped some other children, kept their soul and hid in a magic mirror

Coraline started to realize that the 'other mother' is not the type of mother she wants when the 'other mother' told Coraline that she can stay with her forever only if she agrees to have buttons sewn to her eyes
Coraline refuses and then things started to go bad
To force Coraline, the 'other mother' trapped Coraline parents in a crystal ball...

Coraline managed to escape from the 'other world' returning to an empty home as her parents has been kidnapped by the 'other mother'
Previously feeling hate over her parents, Coraline sleep alone that night on her parents bed,
kissing 2 pillows that she put on both her side, picturing that it is her father and mother...

This part is really sad...imagining a child so little...missing her parents...

You can read the whole story here at WIKI CORALINE FILM

What i love about this movie:
At first, the movie is just about a girl who thinks that her parents did not love her
Then hate begins to form...Coraline thinks that the 'other parents' are far better than her own parents...
But in the end, she realizes, no matter what happens, no matter how kind, how loving the 'other mother' is, she will only love her real parents....
And the way this movie shows that feeling is really something that i remember...

Definitely worth watching...

And for sure, this is not just a mother's hormone...

Coraline entering the door to the 'other world'
That is the cat that guide Coraline in the 'other world'

The 'other mother' and 'real mother'
see, the 'other mother' has black buttons for an eye!

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