Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eclipse - Twilight Saga. Better than New Moon & Twilight

Finally, i managed to watch the 3rd series of Twilight Saga - Eclipse
I - am- very - much - excited

werewolf, vampire and a human lady

Luckily, my excitement was not washed down the drain
I managed to make myself out of the cinema with smile - eager to watch it like maybe for the 2nd time, or 10th? ^_^

It is absolutely better than Twilight & New Moon of course
If you read the books, you'll understand what i mean as the book itself has shown it
Eclipse had more stories in it, more action and fighting scene - which i think suites the lifestyle of a vampire? haha like i ever met one or like they even exist
What i mean is that they drink blood so naturally they will get into fights more than man should

I'm in Team Edward and i am a bit sad as i think he is too white in Eclipse
I think he is not that white during Twilight & New Moon
I don't like men when they are too white
They look like they are missing the macho elements in them +_+
Jacob looks better with his tan skin hoh

But i'm still in Team Edward +_+
You can say he's ancient or old fashion
Because he-is-ancient
He was born in 1901 and was transformed into vampire in 1918
So he is ancient. No doubt.

But (another but), if I am not ashamed to be in both group +_+
I bet i'll be in Team Jacob as well
Have you read Breaking Dawn?
If you have, then you should know how Jacob put aside his family and pack, he abandoned them only to save Bella when the pack wants to kill her and the baby she carries
Even though at that time Bella is already married to Edward
He risks his life for Bella many times

Okay, enough of the overly-passionate-Twilight-fan-thing

So, for those who hasn't watch Eclipse yet
Please do so!!!!! haha

Oh, and better buy your ticket online. Or you'll end up getting the most front seat in the cinema
Or you have to go home and watch it some other time
I want to watch it on last Friday, but it's all FULL from 8pm until midnight
For Saturday, i only managed to buy online ticket for 9:40pm session. Other time fully booked!

It's better, more action and drama
oh, and it's funnier too!^_^
Forget about all the snogging scenes. It's a romantic movie. Of course the scene is there.

I know when it comes to movies like this, there are people who hates it as well
But it's really stupid and humiliating if you haven't seen the movie yet, and you say it's not good

better don't post about it on your blog, BOOing the movie, and say something like 'Dakota plays her role better than Kristen in the movie' or 'the movie had only plenty kissing scene' and then say 'I haven't watch it yet'
I think that really makes you sound stupid

Don't put your expectation too high
If you want to watch an action movie, go watch something like Predators maybe?
Eclipse is a teenage love story. A teenage girl falls in love with a vampire. And then a werewolf come into the picture.
That's it.

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